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Tue 1.11.

‘Saga’ by Bruno Mathsson re-issued by Support Design (SE)

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'Saga' is based on Bruno Mathsson's 1982 design

The Swedish, family-owned manufacturer Support Design has released this series of compact, highly ergonomic office chairs and stools based on Bruno Mathsson‘s pioneering design developed for the company in 1982. Characterised by the bowl-shaped, forward-slanting seat, ‘Saga’ chair supports the contour of the body and promotes good posture by taking the pressure and weight off the user’s back and neck while its streamlined, minimalistic form allows for maximum freedom of movement.

The chair's controls are integrated under the seat allowing individual, easy-to-reach adjustment

The story of Bruno Mathsson’s original design:


‘Bruno Mathsson had found an embryo of a seat in a research project at Chalmers University of Technology. He perfected the design of the seat and designed a suitable backrest to match. The result was a deeply contoured seat, designed to take the weight off back and neck together with a back rest providing best possible support during long hours.


‘In 1982, eight years and countless prototypes later, the chair was finally completed but with ergonomic features well ahead of its time. The combination of the fully adjustable back support and bowl-shaped seat and its multifaceted adjustment options allowed it to be adjusted to each users individual requirements, making the chair truly unique.’

'Saga' is available in various upholstery options

‘Based on Bruno Mathsson ingenious designs,we have taken his original work to a new level by integrating our collective experiences from 25 years of working with professional users. In our new design, we have adapted the functionality to the requirements of a modern work place whilst emphasising the characteristic lines of Bruno Mathsson.


‘The Saga chair has no protruding parts or sharp edges and its mechanical parts have been integrated with the round and minimalistic shapes of the seat and back rest. Saga is a tribute to the work of Bruno Mathsson and a manifestation of his timeless and groundbreaking designs. Saga is an uniquely hand-made product expertly constructed by our experienced craftsmen in our factory in Sunne, Sweden.’

'Saga' taburett

The barstool version

All of the chairs are made to order in Sunne, Sweden

The sketch of 'Saga' chair

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