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Thu 5.8.

‘Re-loved’ Panton Chair by Chris Bosse / LAVA (AU)

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 05.08.2010 - Tagged as: , , , ,

'Re-loved' Panton Chair by Chris Bosse / LAVA

Chris Bosse, co-director of the innovative architectural firm LAVA, realised this homage to the 1967s Panton Chair within the ‘Re-loved – designer stories’ exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. The sliced up icon is on display from 31 July – 30 September 2010 during this year’s Sydney Design Festival.

'Re-loved' Panton Chair by Chris Bosse / LAVA

“We’ve chosen to represent this shape as slices, similar to an MRI scan in order to make visible its complex 3dimensional geometry. The chair is metaphorically and physically carved out of a sliced box”, says Bosse.
“The project retro-digitises the chair design, although it was the chair that preceded the digital design revolution.”

'Re-loved' Panton Chair by Chris Bosse / LAVA

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