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Fri 1.10.

‘RAISE ME UP’ by Yoo Kyung Shin at Designersblock / London Design Festival

Posted by Simon Keane-Cowell on 01.10.2010 - Tagged as: , , ,

'RAISE ME UP' power board by Yoo Kjung Shin

Korean-born, London-based young designer Yoo Kyung Shin has designed an electrical-power board that allows you to remove plugs from it easily. A conventional socket board requires the user to place one hand on it, while using the other to pull out the plug. ‘RAISE ME UP”s design enables this everyday task to be done with one hand.

Yoo Kjung Shin's 'RAISE ME UP' power board allows the one-handed removal of plugs from its sockets

Yoo Kyung Shin, who studied industrial design in South Korea before completing an MA at London’s Royal College of Art, has given each socket point on the board a lever, meaning you can remove the plug without having to stoop. The lever also serves to cover the board, reducing the amount of dust than can get in. Yoo Kyung Shin has patented the design and it is due to enter production in the near future.