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Wed 3.11.

‘pyggy bank’ by nendo / design concept (JP) at DesignTide Tokyo 2010

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 03.11.2010 - Tagged as: , , ,

'pyggy bank' by nendo / design concept

At this year’s Design Tide in Tokyo from 27 October – 9 November the Japanese studio nendo presents this savings box, a pig-snouted bottle and jar made of unglazed fired clay. ‘pyggy bank’ is showcased within the Isetan department store’s ‘Piggy Bank Collection’ exhibition.

'pyggy bank' by nendo / design concept

“Unravelling the history of the piggy bank, we learn that the name dates back to medieval Europe, when unused coins were saved in household jars made of unglazed reddish clay, or ‘pygg’. A play on words from ‘pygg’ to ‘pig’ led to the piggy bank, and the familiar porcine objects we know today.”

'pyggy babk' by nendo / design concept

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