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When Architects Go To The Bathroom: Talsee

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When Architects Go To The Bathroom: Talsee

Aebi & Vincent Architekten’s exclusive Areal Wendelsee apartment building on Lake Thun sees every bathroom specified with talsee products. ‘They just got our ideas, bringing together large elements seamlessly,’ says partner Bernhard Aebi


Swiss premium bathroom brand TALSEE has established itself as the go-to solutions-provider for exacting architects. (text by SIMON KEANE-COWELL)


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Bus Drivers Building by Benthem Crouwel Architects

Photographer: © Jannes Linders

The striking white bus drivers building on the bus station at Amsterdam Central houses a workspace, pantry and a canteen for bus drivers on the first floor. Because the canteen is located on this higher level, the drivers have a lot of privacy, with 180 degree views of the bus platform, the river IJ and Amsterdam North. On the ground floor there is space for storage, a technical area and toilets. The bus drivers building can be built in just three months.


Sat 14.1.

Detailed Discreet Luxury

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Detailed Discreet Luxury

Accessories in Gold matt

For more than four decades the name Decor Walther has been synonymous with premium bathroom accessories.
It all began in 1973 with a small shop in Frankfurt am Main. Today, the company is one of the leading suppliers in the segment, both nationally and internationally. As the company has grown, so has the philosophy that makes its products unique: discreet luxury. (text by Detail)


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Fri 13.1.

Loyly Sauna by Avanto Architects

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Avanto Architects

Photographer: Kuvio / Anders Portman and Martin Sommerschield

Sauna bathing is an essential part of Finnish culture and national identity. There are only 5,4 million Finns but 3,3 million saunas. Public saunas used to be common in bigger cities but now that most new apartments have sauna of their own, public saunas have decreased dramatically in number. There are only a couple remaining. As a sense of community is becoming a more and more important part of new urban culture, many new public saunas are being planned. With Löyly (meaning the steam that comes when you throw water on hot stones in a sauna) Helsinki will offer foreign visitors a public sauna experience all year round – a must when visiting Finland. (more…)

Thu 12.1.

Çelebi Yalısı by SOTO lab

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Çelebi Yalısı by SOTO lab

Photographer: Burak Erdener

Celebi Yalisi, is a roof duplex that has 250 sq m interior and 25 sq m exterior space, was designed for a four person family, and located on the Fenerbahçe coast.


Mills, The Toy Management House by Andrew Maynard Architects

Photographer: Peter Bennetts Studio

The brief was to design a light-filled home that could hide the mess typically made by a small child, so we devised a floor that was a giant toy box. Mills is an extension to a single-level weatherboard terrace, where only the original facade and front two rooms remain. One of those rooms has been altered to incorporate a study and a bathroom. A large lightwell separates the original structure from the new extension, which has two bedrooms and a bathroom above an open kitchen, living, dining space. (more…)

Tue 10.1.

Detail: Sustainably Innovative | Ceadesign

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Detail: Sustainably Innovative


The demands on bathroom fittings are increasing both in terms of technical functionality and design. Ceadesign allows planners and architects maximum design freedom when it comes to their ideas. (text by Detail)


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Casa Berazategui by Besonias Almeida Arquitectos

Photographer: Federico Kulekdjian

Casa Berazategui by argentinian practice estudio besonias almeida has recently broken ground, adding to a repertoire of three-dimensionally composed concrete structures. Conceived of as masses formed by a series of intersecting planes based on a regular orthogonal grid, the home exemplifies an almost sculptural composition of solid/void, interior/exterior relationships. Glass, concrete, wood, and light establish a language that compliments its green surroundings. (more…)