Tue 6.2.

Twisting Courtyard by ArchStudio

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Twisting Courtyard by ArchStudio

Photographer: Wang Ning and Jin Weiqi


Twisting courtyard is located in Paizihutong, Dashilar Area, Beijing. It used to be a Siheyuan with one single entry. The purpose of the improvement is to upgrade the necessary infrastructure needed for modern life, thus turning this traditional courtyard, which mainly serve as a residence, into an attractive public space of Beijing Inner City. (more…)

Mon 5.2.


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Bover always pursues the research of timelessness in its designs. In this project by S&T Architects we can see how the MOS, composed of handmade ribbon shades, integrates perfectly into the environment, bringing warmth to the atmosphere. (more…)

Midwest Inland Port Financial Town by Hallucinate

Photographer: Javier Callejas Sevilla

Authorized through an international bid as the designer of Maike’s first bulk commodity trading center in West China, HALLUCINATE believes that a modern city with a rich historical legacy like Xi’an is inclusive enough to embrace new visions, and has therefore developed the interior design beyond the city’s geographical features for a balanced presentation of historical elements in an open perspective. (more…)

Fri 2.2.

Exclusive Surfaces: Inkiostro Bianco

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Quattrocento, Design: Studio Zero. Photo: © Inkiostro Bianco


The northern Italian company Inkiostro Bianco stands for extraordinary interior surface designs, in which creative engagement with the materials, styles and not least the way of thinking about space all play a central role.(text by Detail)


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Barr by Snøhetta

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Barr by Snøhetta

Photographer: Line Klein

Copenhagen, Denmark – In the former home of the world-renowned restaurant noma, acclaimed chef and restaurateur Thorsten Schmidt in partnership with chef René Redzepi and Snøhetta have conceived a fresh approach to the iconic space. Snøhetta designed the interiors and new graphic identity for Barr, which opened its doors on July 5 on Copenhagen’s waterfront. (more…)

Thu 1.2.

Y Residence by Studio Tate

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Y Residence by Studio Tate

Photographer: Sharyn Cairns

A new addition for this young family prompted a major change to their living environment – a double-storey house off a laneway in one of Melbourne’s inner-city suburbs. Demolishing all but two existing red brick walls, Studio Tate completely rethought the way this house worked, maximizing the tight spaces with some creative manoeuvres as well as flooding the space with natural light. Warmth was brought through materials and finishes, with heavy use of timber. (more…)

Wed 31.1.

A Light Reduction: Mawa Design

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German lighting manufacturer MAWA DESIGN has leveraged its visually pared-down and formally perfect designs to position itself internationally as the go-to supplier of advanced, architectural lighting systems.


With a thorough understanding of design and how things work, mawa Design of Brandenburg, Germany, develops and produces high-quality luminaires which in terms of both their technology and construction are always in step with the times. Company founder Martin Wallroth began 40 years ago with residential objects, before cooperating with external designers in the 1980s and, from that point forward, increasingly concentrating on the manufacture of luminaires.(text by Katharina Sommer)


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Jingshan Boutique Hotel by Continuation Studio

Photographer: SHIROMIO Studio

This is a project that started from engaging with the site. The site is located up on a mountain ridge, next to a reservoir’s dam. There was previously a two-story “San-Ho-Yuan” style dormitory block built back in the 1980s, with a courtyard surrounded by the concave form of the block. There stands an ancient pine in the centre serves as the heart of the courtyard, with its dense canopy covering half of the courtyard and part of the building. (more…)