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Mon 12.9.

‘Mouri’ series by Rends Design Works (JP)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 12.09.2011 - Tagged as: , , , ,

The intricate joinery of the 'Mouri' series

The Tokyo-based designer Masanao Furukawa of Rends Design Works practice has developed this series of three-legged, wooden furniture whose unorthodox, labyrinthine joinery was inspired by a Japanese maxim: ‘though one arrow can easily be broken, three arrows banded together cannot.’ The collection, which was presented earlier this year at Milan’s Salone Satellite, encompasses three stools of varying heights, a table and a twig-like coat stand.

linden Low Stool from the 'Mouri' series by Rends Design Works

Constructed from different types of wood such as; beech, linden, oak and wenge, ‘this furniture series expresses the sculptural beauty of simple wooden structures while providing a great level of comfort and functionality.’

Middle Stool from the 'Mouri' series has been developed in beech

wenge Low Table from the 'Mouri' series

beech Coat Stand from the 'Mouri' series

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