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Wed 7.4.

Milan Preview: ‘RR chair’ by For Use / Numen (AT)

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 07.04.2010 - Tagged as: , , , ,

'RR chair' by For Use / Numen

The Vienna based design studio For Use / Numen will present the ‘RR chair’ one of their newest projects during this year’s Milan Design Week.

'RR chair' by For Use / Numen

Here is what the designers explain:

“Three variations are based on Richard Riemerschmid’s ‘Musikstuhl’ from year 1899. Beside the fact that the chair is an icon of German Jugendstil, it’s construction with bold diagonal bar presents an almost perfect solution for the basic static problem of a chair. This characteristic was taken as a concept for constructional and formal exploration. Seemingly identical, each of variations has a specific form derived from the starting dominant diagonal. The final derivation is a tripod chair of a typographical level of graphic definition.”

'RR chair' by For Use / Numen

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