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Tue 9.3.

Making of ‘Nido’ by Eva Marguerre (DE)

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 09.03.2010 - Tagged as: , , , ,

Fibres are interwoven and wrapped in different different patters on certain anchor points

Looking from a distance, the glaring red “Nido” stools seem to be fragile, anyhow, while sitting on them, they turn out to be very robust. At the same time, however, weighing about 900 grams, they are nearly light as a feather. Form and function of the stools are interwoven so successfully, owing to their construction of fibreglass drenched in resin.

The raw uncoated Nido stool

Eva Marguerre developed a production procedure, by which the fibres are connected and wrapped in different ways. So, starting with the basic model, individual stools evolve with different patterns and structures. The finished stools playfully contrast the flexibility of the original material and his hardening by the resin because the character of the fiberglass softness is still to be seen. Moreover, the resin makes the stools weatherproof and light resistant, and therefore also suitable for balcony and garden.

Varnishing process

All different Nido models

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