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Wed 1.9.

‘Kitchen Monument’ by raumlabor at Venice Biennale 2010

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'Kitchen Monument' by raumlabor berlin

The Berlin based architectural collective raumlabor traveled with its ‘Kitchen Monument’ to Venice to provide some space for various events, discussions and talks during the opening days of this year’s Biennale. ‘Kitchen Monument’ is a collaboration of raumlabor and Plastique Fantastique – Berlin based specialists for pneumatic structures.

Gate to the 'Kitchen Monument' by raumlabor berlin

Here is what raumlabor explains:

“The Kitchen Monument is a mobile sculpture which has two states of being. This zinc sheetclad sculpture can be extended into public space by a pneumatic spatial mantle that transforms it into a temporary collective space. Different programmes are staged in different places. Its broad spectrum of uses includes a banquet hall, conference room, cinema, concert hall, ballroom, dormitory, boxing arena and steam bath.”

Inside the 'Kitchen Monument' by raumlabor berlin

'Kitchen Monument' by raumlabor berlin

'Kitchen Monument' gives place for numerous events, talks, discussions during the opening days of the Biennial

'Kitchen Monument' unfolded

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