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Fri 12.3.

Giardino Color, the new architectural Astroturf flooring by Tisca Tiara

Posted by Susanne Fritz on 12.03.2010 - Tagged as: , , , ,

GIARDINO Color, Peperoncino option

Tisca Tiara, who specialise in the production of textile flooring, have recently ventured into the Astroturf market with ‘Sportisca’. ‘GIARDINO Color’ is a polychromatic version of this playing surface, which has been conceived specifically for architectural applications. Two differently coloured piles, each with a different height, are woven together. ‘GIARDINO Color’ is available in several bright colors, such as magenta, signal red, turquoise, as well as in a number of more mute hues, like beige, light and dark grey.

GIARDINO Color, Gioiello option