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Thu 15.12.

Material Tendencies: Arik Levy

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Material Tendencies: Arik Levy

Arik Levy – Photo © Architonic

Constantly creating, Paris-based designer and artist Arik Levy says that he ‘thinks with his heart and feels with his brain’.

Architonic met up with Tel Aviv-born Levy to share his thoughts on materials, the power of emotions and intelligence, and more.


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Wed 14.12.

Modern Mews by Coffey Architects

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Modern Mews by Coffey Architects

Photographer: Tim Soar

An intricately designed and constructed piece of joinery crafted to live in.

The typical London mews house enjoyed windows only to the front of the property creating difficulty for habitable, comfortable and lit rooms to the back of the house; making practical modern spaces for living in such small constrained sites can be difficult to achieve. The Modern Mews employs many of the design ideas in Japanese tea houses (Chashitsu) to create a home full of light with numerous activities brought together through visual links.


Fri 2.12.

Nerd Chair By Geckeler Michels

Posted by Walter Phillips on 02.12.2016

Nerd Chair By Geckeler Michels


Through an innovative integration between seat and back and precise detailing, Nerd has a strong personality and a very iconic character. While the appearance of Nerd is unique, the overall expression, material and craftsmanship all have references to classic Scandinavian design values. A chair that stands out as a very personal and distinct interpretation of an all-wood chair.


Thu 24.11.

The Very Fabric: Heimtextil 2017

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The Very Fabric: Heimtextil 2017

Textile digital printing is becoming increasingly important for interior design. At Heimtexil, planners can get a complete picture of the broad range of possibilities

Thanks to current developments in the world of textiles, HEIMTEXTIL, the largest international trade fair for home and contract textiles, is quickly becoming a new source of inspiration for planners and architects.

Wed 23.11.

Smart by Design at Mitsubishi Electric

Posted by Walter Phillips on 23.11.2016

Smart by Design at Mitsubishi Electric,

Mitsubishi’s spacious interior design with Mosa Solids

Located in Ratingen, the German headquarters of Mitsubishi Electric is an ambitious 16,000 square metres office building where the entire infrastructure works in harmony, creating a sustainable, comfortable, thoroughly stylish and modern environment. (text by Mosa)


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Searching for meaningful and timeless solutions makes living and working a worthwhile experience. Sarah Maier turned her passion into a form of art. She develops creative design with wood veneer.


Elegant matched veneer on an attractive piece of furniture is no coincidence. The search for the veneer tree used to make each and every piece of furniture like the proverbial search for the needle in the haystack: Only around 200 wood species can be used for the production of veneer – and there are around 40,000 varieties worldwide. And only a few conceal the fine structures required for veneer inside them. Years of experience are needed to recognise the potential of a tree.


Only experts, who have spent years examining the individual look and the resulting deductible properties of trees, can recognise the “inner values” of the timber. It is also important to consider which veneer pattern the individual sections of a tree could be most suitable for. An overall picture is crucial for deciding whether or not to cut a tree down.

Fri 4.11.

The Empire Strikes Back: Vienna Design Week

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The Empire Strikes Back: Vienna Design Week

The city as showroom: Vienna Design Week’s tenth edition continued to adhere to the founding principle of being ‘a culture festival, not a fair’; photo: Kollektiv Fischka

Austria’s empire might be long gone, but its former imperial might is still writ large in its capital’s grandiose imperial architecture. In the contemporary, global scheme of things, of course, Vienna isn’t that big. And certainly for the author of this piece, who made an almost direct passage at the end of September from the London Design Festival to Vienna Design Week, there was less ground to cover in the city of coffee houses and prancing horses than on the island. (text by Simon Keane-Cowell )


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Thu 29.1.

Against the Flow

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Polarising design: "Squeeze" by Karim Rashid

Polarising design: “Squeeze” by Karim Rashid

“I do not seek. I find.” This saying adorns the canteen wall at Nimbus and is a perfect description of the company spirit. “Searching means wanting to find something that’s already known in something new. Whereas finding – that’s something totally new,” says Dietrich Brennenstuhl in explanation of his corporate philosophy. The firm’s founder and managing director is no fan of going with the flow. Instead, for the last 25 years, he has been practising the strategy of “doing things differently” – with great success. A perfect example: ten years ago, Nimbus was the first firm in the lighting sector to commit to LED. In the meantime, LED technology plays a crucial role – and the wealth of experience the small lighting manufacturer has been able to acquire puts it at an advantage – even as compared to major corporations. When it comes to LED-based interior lighting, Nimbus continues to be regarded as an innovation leader even today. (by Atrium)


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