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Tue 14.3.

Audentes Therapeutics Office by Blitz

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Audentes Therapeutics Office by Blitz

Photographer: Blitz

Audentes Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that is pioneering the development and commercialization of gene therapy treatments for people with serious and rare diseases. They take pride in strong, global relationships with the patient, research, medical, and business communities with whom they work to improve the lives of patients. (more…)

Fri 10.3.

Grimsel by nachtaktiv

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Grimsel by nachtaktiv

Photographer: Tom Bisig

As antithesis to the regional compacted village with simple detached houses, an L-shaped space continuum constitute the center of Innertkirchen. The floor to ceiling windows are a welcoming generosity which continues in the interior. Round downlights are spread over the multiply folded ceiling and mingle with recessed spotlights and round skylights on the upper floor. For temporary exhibitions tracks are inconspicuous integrated into the wall and can be fitted with spotlights. In the evenings, the interior remains readable afar thanks to the glare free lighting. The transition to the village square is fluent. (more…)

Thu 9.3.

St.Regis Istanbul by Kontra

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St.Regis Istanbul by Kontra


St.Regis Istanbul is a luxurious contemporary hotel designed by Aga Han Award winner studio EEA in collaboration with Kontra architecture. KONTRA designed “Presidential Suite”, “SPA” & “Brasserie” areas based on St. Regis’s philosophy discreet luxury with timeless elegance. “Interior spaces are created with focus of Nisantası areas art deco approach of 30s’ and innovation of modernism. As a design principle materials like brass, marble, walnut applications are used & forms of 30s’ are reinterpretted.


Wed 8.3.

Optimist Shop by 314 Architecture Studio

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Optimist Shop by 314 Architecture Studio

Photographer: Panagiotis Voumvakis

The optical shop C_29 / ’Optimist’, is an interwar listed building of a total surface 90m2 and is located in the centre of Chalkida. The space is airy and expands along the central market and the back courtyard / patio which is formed in the core of the building. The building itself is a composite construction with the ground floor being made of bearing masonry and the two floors of reinforced concrete bearer and filling brickwork. The main design aspect was the creation of a gradient technique in the texture of materiality in order to emphasize the reflection and the absorbance of light. (more…)

Tue 7.3.

Yangzhou Zhongshuge by Li Xiang / X+Living

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Yangzhou Zhongshuge by Li Xiang  X+Living

Photographer: Shao Feng

Water, the cradle of everything, and the breeding ground of culture. Yangzhou was born near water. In the past,guiding by water, many literati and poets visited and gathered here. Also, this was a place loved by wits and beauties. In the book “A Dream of Red Mansions”, when Lin Dai-Yu is missing her hometown, the verses“Spring flower and autumn moon, green hills and clear water; twenty-four bridges, relics of the Six Dynasties”will come to her mind; this verses had raised so many people’s imagination about twenty-four bridges. In 2016, Zhongshuge was attracted by this beautiful and ethereality place, and hoped to enrich the beauty of Yangzhou with its own charm! (more…)

Mon 6.3.

Mineral Springs by superkül

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Mineral Springs by superkül

Photographer: Shai Gil

Mineral Springs is a story of a farmhouse saved from demolition and bolstered by a very different addition. Built on 16 acres of land in the Niagara Escarpment – a working countryside and UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve –this house extension makes a strong connection to its natural environment and the existing century farmhouse on the site. (more…)

Fri 3.3.

Villa Z by Mohamed Amine Siana

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Villa Z by Mohamed Amine Siana

Photographer: Doublespace

This striking structure draws its inspiration from Moroccan cultural roots, while opening up to new horizons. The intention was – working closely with the client’s lifestyle in mind – to build a house with discretion and introversion. The design centers on the opacity of the main facade, combining the principles of traditional architecture with a strong contemporary identity. (more…)

Thu 2.3.

Villa MM by Felix Held Architekt

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Villa MM by Felix Held Architekt

Photographer: Ralph Feiner

The client asked for a house that blends into the landscape, with outstanding rooms and a sophisticated interior design. We studied historical residential architecture, to understand the idiosyncrasies of long–lasting structures. (more…)