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UNIQUE Calacatta™, the most refined quartz inspired in the natural stone.


The beauty of the purest white contrasts with dark, sinuous veins, giving rise to an elegance and luminosity never seen before. A perfect execution of the technology to create the most resistant quartz design that confers purity, naturalness, power, and brilliance to each piece. (more…)

Thu 26.10.


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D3 Lounge | VONDOM


The color combination: gray in the walls, ceiling and floor and the black in the furniture gives the space the elegance touch and sobriety to a great project that has been nourished of small details. (more…)

Fri 13.10.

Bouet restaurant

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Bouet restaurant


The mix of new and existing materials, combined in a cool and befitting way, achieves that relaxing but classy effect of the ancient cities that now are really trendy. (more…)

Thu 5.10.

The Futurists: Pedrali

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The Futurists: Pedrali

The opening of a dedicated wood-production facility in Manzano, Udine, ten years ago has helped Pedrali position as a leader in industrially produced furniture across a range of materials


A long-term investment in the latest production technologies, married with razor-sharp, optimised processes, has helped position Pedrali as a major international player in industrially produced, premium furniture. (text by Simon Keane-Cowell )


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Tue 3.10.


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“Jazz” is the formal distillation of elegance and style of the 50″s as a shape of constructive rhythm. Close your eyes. Imagine that you are in New York, hanging around and some musical notes come out of a club. Imagine a counterpoint of sensations, strolling along the Akasaka suburb in Tokyo,and within that chaos, you find an oasis of peace with melodic notes, surrounded by wood and pictures on ancient glories. “Jazz, formally inspired on trumpets, saxophones and classical trombones, with unique details of this music style. It plays with the “Vintage” aesthetics and it is inspired on it to convey its warm shapes. (more…)

Marset: How to Light Up a Bedside

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How to Light Up a Bedside


Cozying up with a book eases into that comfortable and relaxed state for deep sleep, and having the right reading light is essential. (more…)

Mon 2.10.

Office Design & Realization by KEPENEK

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Office Design & Realization by KEPENEK

Photographer: Damian Poffet

HIAG Immobilien’s office in Zurich, Switzerland


Fri 29.9.

CPW Apartment by INC Architecture & Design

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CPW Apartment by INC Architecture & Design

Photographer: Annie Schlecter

The project began with a simple idea articulated by the team to manifest lightness literally and symbolically. The stair owes its form to its distinctive unidirectional cantilevered tread which tapers as the deflection forces diminish at its outermost limits. The structural logic of folding was mobilized to minimize the amount of material used, to open the tread bed for its glass insert and to revel the stairs expressive “wing” shape.