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Fri 15.12.

Cabin Kvitfjell by Lund Hagem Architects

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Cabin Kvitfjell by Lund Hagem Architects

Photographer: Sam Hughes

Our design process was inspired by the client’s desire to have “a summer cabin in a winter landscape”. (more…)

Thu 14.12.

Palm Beach Project by Alexander & CO

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Palm Beach Project by Alexander & CO

Photographer: Felix Forest

Palm Beach House project is the transformation of an existing waterfront holiday villa in Palm Beach, Sydney. The project is a restrained approach to a traditional European vernacular, exploring bespoke quality detailing, materiality and architectural framing. With the existing house ineffectively dealing with scale limitations, the brief was primarily to explore how we could reintroduce a higher quality of spatial resolution. The plans and volumes were subsequently rationalized around better circulation, view corridors and access to the water. (more…)

Fri 8.12.

Olson Cabin by Olson Kundig Architects

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Olson Cabin by Olson Kundig Architects

Photographer: Kevin Scott

In 1912, Jim Olson’s grandparents built a summer cottage on a forested site on Puget Sound. Olson spent summers and many weekends there as a child. When he was eighteen years old and a first-year architecture student, his dad gave him five hundred dollars and said, “Go build a bunkhouse.” This was Olson’s first great opportunity. Nestled amidst the trees of this waterside forest and raised on stilts, this tiny cabin sat respectfully on the landscape. When his grandparents’ cottage was destroyed by fire in the 1960s, the bunkhouse was left as the sole structure on the property. (more…)

Thu 7.12.

Aesop Duke of York Square by Snøhetta

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Aesop Duke of York Square by Snøhetta

Photographer: Paola Pansini

With an intriguing fusion of futuristic and classic design, Snøhetta has completed its first permanently built project in England. The 108-square-meter retail space, dubbed Aesop Duke of York Square, is the latest addition to Aesop’s series of uniquely designed boutiques around the world. (more…)

Villa SG21 by Fillié Verhoeven Architects

Photographer: François Verhoeven

Villa SG21 is easy and chic as the colour suggests. But to get there wasn’t as easy as the design might suggest. The site, typically Dutch had a very strict building envelope and maximum allowed volume of 1000 cubic meters. The site required a design that would fit the local building code with sloped roofs. The owners however wanted a minimalistic and clean design that would stand out in between the other more conventional structures along the street. (more…)

Fri 1.12.

Red house by Extrastudio

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Red house by Extrastudio

Photographer: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

This house is located in a small village in Azeitao, south of Lisbon. Protected by hills from the Atlantic Ocean, the area has a mild Mediterranean microclimate, creating the ideal conditions for growing grapes, producing some of the country’s finest wines. (more…)

UNIQUE Calacatta™, the most refined quartz inspired in the natural stone.


The beauty of the purest white contrasts with dark, sinuous veins, giving rise to an elegance and luminosity never seen before. A perfect execution of the technology to create the most resistant quartz design that confers purity, naturalness, power, and brilliance to each piece. (more…)

Thu 26.10.


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D3 Lounge | VONDOM


The color combination: gray in the walls, ceiling and floor and the black in the furniture gives the space the elegance touch and sobriety to a great project that has been nourished of small details. (more…)