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Maruhiro - Hasami ceramics Flagship store by Yusuke Seki

Photo © Takumi Ota


Maruhiro is the leading producer of Hasami ceramics which includes pottery and porcelain. Named for the region including Hasami, Nagasaki prefecture, this area has a history of ceramic tableware production and wholesale distribution dating back to the early 17th century. (text by Yusuke Seki)


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LHM kindergarten Design by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects (JP)

Photo © Atsushi Ishida


We designed a playful and exciting environment suitable for implementing this kindergarten’s educational policy, which focuses on bringing up children that can think, learn and act independently. In doing so, we created a space in which seasonal changes can be experienced to the fullest by taking advantage of the glass windows facing a garden outside of the building to usher the great outdoors into the kindergarten. (text by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects)


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Rosenberry Residence by les architectes FABG (CA)

Fotograf: Steve Montpetit


This residence located on a large wooded lot near Sutton in the Eastern Townships region is conceived as a bi-generational family cottage for a financier now based in Asia and his parents still living in Montreal sharing it for family holidays in summer and winter. (text by les architectes FABG)


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Soho Farmhouse by Michaelis Boyd Associates (GB)

Photographer: © Soho Farmhouse


Soho House & Co’s in-house design team collaborated with London-based architecture practice Michaelis Boyd on the development of Soho Farmhouse, the new countryside retreat set across 100 acres of rolling countryside in Great Tew, a village in the Oxfordshire countryside. Soho Farmhouse includes 40 individually-designed cabins assembled around original farm buildings, complemented by the addition of contemporary new buildings. (text by MICHAELIS BOYD ASSOCIATES)



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Sat 9.7.

Splice House: Renovation by Stukel Stone (AU)

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Splice House: Renovation by Stukel Stone (AU)

Photographer: Katherine Lu


The genesis of this project was a Dutch couple falling in love with Australia and wanting to make a home in the Sydney suburb of Wollstonecraft. The brief was distilled to the desire for spaces that were at once both tropical and austere, a wonderful contradiction which lead to a unique renovation of a typical semi-detached Federation dwelling. The project was ambitions in its aspirations, and Stukel Stone were the second architects to make an attempt for the owners. (text by Stukel Stone)



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Stable in West Flanders by Studio Farris Architects (BE)

Fotograf: Koen Van Damme


Studio Farris Architects transformed a small barn into an office with meeting room, library, office desks and a resting/reading area. The original façade was restored and new openings were created in a functional way. A new “box” was designed and inserted into the original volume, and consists of a new shell that accentuates the pure form. This box-in-box system allows to improve energy efficiency and avoid any chemical reactions with sulphates in the ground and walls of the original farm. (text by Studio Farris Architects)



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Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre by Renzo Piano Building Workshop (GR)

Photographer: © Michel Denancé


The Stavros Niarchos Cultural Centre is located in Kallithea, 4 km south of central Athens. An important cultural and educational project, the site will comprise the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera in a 170,000 sq m landscaped park. Currently a parking lot left over from the 2004 Olympic Games, once the site of a racetrack, the project restore the site’s lost connections with the city and the sea. (text by Renzo Piano Building Workshop)



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The Park by !melk (US)

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The Park by !melk - Architecture

Photographer: Hanns Joosten


An unprecedented and unique urban infill project in Las Vegas has just been completed. The notorious Las Vegas Strip, today, is the most visited tourist destination in the world. The Strip recently received its first-ever park, a spectacular public space designed by !melk, that is destined to become the most trafficked park in the world. What makes this project remarkable is the fact that private corporations, the owners of the properties along Las Vegas Boulevard, recently came to realize the value of investing in outdoor public space versus traditional (buildings) real estate development. (text by !melk)


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