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Thu 23.2.

Otsu House by ALTS Design Office

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Otsu House by ALTS Design Office

Photographer: Yuta Yamada

This house was built in the newly-developed subdivision surrounding new housing. While planning a design with client many times, we hit upon a keyword: “comfy house” so we considered how to make a welcoming atmosphere with lots of light. With a vault –shaped opening in the simply laid-out compartment, the space is designed to be airy and rhythmical. The light spilling through a large curved window will encompass the room in a comfy manner. You can enjoy the light and shadows made by sunrise and sunset. This “comfy house” will lead you to an unusual world. (more…)

Unfurled House by Christopher Polly Architect

Photographer: Brett Boardman

An articulated two-storey framed volume is sensitively stitched to the rear original fabric, while retaining its front Federation masonry and hipped envelope as part of its environmental, economic and planning values. It has a sectional split-level relationship to the original house that harnesses the fall of the site to the rear, enabling the cellular front plan to vertically and horizontally unfurl into a series of connected interior spaces that expand to its setting. (more…)

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Administration Information Building by Aedas

Photographer: © Aedas

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University is a new international university jointly founded by Xi’an Jiaotong University China and the University of Liverpool UK as a joint venture.It is a leading Sino-Foreign cooperative university in China, offering undergraduate degree programmes in the fields of science, engineering and management. (more…)

Tue 7.2.

House H by ABIBOO Architecture

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House H by ABIBOO Architecture

Photographer: Joao Morgado

House H is located in an exclusive area in Madrid. The house has a floor area of 14,000 sq. ft. (1.300 m2) and is the answer to the broad and diverse functional needs of the client, a well-known international sportsman. In the residence, growth occurs in a non-hierarchical order, each space has different characteristics but similar importance. The villa is designed as a sponge, with multiple micro-spaces designed especially in relation with sensorial experiences and inter-related to each other. (more…)

Wed 1.2.

Writing Pavilion by Architensions

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Writing Pavilion by Architensions

Photographer: Cameron Blaylock

Writing and drawing are activities that contribute to the creation of a parallel imaginative world and to producing infinite options whenever a condition of isolation or immersive solitude is needed. The small space is located in the lush and protected garden of a creative couple involved in the arts. Nested on a concrete plinth, the pavilion employs the use of black stained cedar for the exterior cladding and natural pine plywood for the interior. (more…)

Tue 31.1.

Bagh e Jannat by Bracket Design Studio

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Bagh e Jannat by Bracket Design Studio

Photographer: Farshid Nasrabadi

Bagh-Janat alley on Abbasabad district is one of the oldest wealthy neighborhoods in Isfahan. Nowadays it is really hard to trace the old big green gardens and palaces there as all of them have disappeared and turned into modern apartments during the past 50 years of modernization only producing a mixture of heterogeneous buildings with different styles, heights, and densities. Among these dense buildings, it is hard to find a single housing or a small lot to develop and Bagh-Janat is one of the few. This three-level building complies with the height limit of 7 meters and appears one story high above the ground.


Fri 27.1.

hERZberg Residential Complex by feld72

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hERZberg Residential Complex by feld72

Photographer: Hertha Hurnaus

Working from concepts of urban development and architecture, hERZberg has created a structure combining a great number of different living options for singles, for (patchwork) families and also for supervised flat-sharing for young people – a neighbourhood catering for the most diverse ways of life. (more…)

Thu 26.1.


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For Real?: Sooii

The Wuppertal firm of sooii creates perfect 3-D visualisations for architecture, interiors and products. Thanks to the latest technical features there are no longer any perceptible differences to conventional photographs. (text by Bettina Krause )


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