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Tue 2.4.

‘Calmo’ and ‘Corallo’ vases by Studiocharlie (IT)

Posted by Walter Phillips on 02.04.2013 - Tagged as: , ,

Calmo vase by Studiocharlie

‘Calmo’ vase by Studiocharlie

With a shape reminiscent of “mysterious objects that are found on the beach in the morning, brought in by the tide, of unknown origin”, Studiocharlie’s laser cut stainless steel ‘Calmo’ vase is an archetypal object with a simple geometry.



'Calmo' vase by Studiocharlie

‘Calmo’ vase by Studiocharlie

Calmo will be shown alongside Corallo, another distinctive vase, this one in bright red ceramic handcrafted by artist Adriana Albertini with five differently proportioned elements that share a single shape – “which can be assembled in a variety of combinations forming an object that echoes the complexity of coral.” says Studiocharlie. “The largest element is a basis for the smaller parts to aggregate, each one becoming a container.”


'Corallo' vase by Studiocharlie

‘Corallo’ vase by Studiocharlie

The Calmo and Corallo vases, inhouse productions both, will be featured in the Minotti stand at the Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan.


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