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Fri 2.4.

‘An Eclipse Day’ by Pierre Favresse (F)

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 02.04.2010 - Tagged as: , ,

'An Eclipse Day' by Pierre Favresse

The young French designer Pierre Favresse created this multicoloured modular floor lamp composed of a metal base containing a source of light of three stackable Pyrex glass components, in cyan, magenta and yellow, topped by a white diffuser.

“Adversely, adding certain colored filters creates a phenomenon which is commonly called subtractive color synthesis.

When different layers of color are added to an object, such cyan, magenta and yellow, they generate transitory opacity which naturally guides the light through its matter. The gradual settling of accumulated layers creates an opaque filter which in turn gradually blocks out the light to end in the production of black light”, the designer explains.

'An Eclipse Day' by Pierre Favresse

‘mischlichtRGB’ by Fabian Nehne (DE) und Martin Meier (CH)

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