Unique Calacatta™: the most refined Calacatta quartz design


The beauty of the purest white contrasts with dark, sinuous veins, giving rise to an elegance and luminosity like never before. Unique Calacatta™ is the perfect quartz version of the famous natural stone that can be found in the Italian quarries. In two finishes, polished and glacé, this design by COMPAC The Surfaces Company will give personality to any house with high quality properties and really low maintenance. (more…)

Do Dutch: the Netherlands’ special exhibition at Ambiente 2018

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Do Dutch: the Netherlands’ special exhibition at Ambiente 2018

Amsterdam-based industrial designer Robert Bronwasser: “One of the characteristics of the Dutch identifiable in Dutch design is a very proactive attitude. We go beyond thinking about what design can do. We act”

Next February’s edition of AMBIENTE – the leading international consumer-goods trade fair in Frankfurt – sees award-winning product designer Robert Bronwasser curate a recontextualisation, and celebration, of everyday Dutch design culture.(text by Simon Keane-Cowell)


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