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Yangzhou Zhongshuge by Li Xiang / X+Living

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Yangzhou Zhongshuge by Li Xiang  X+Living

Photographer: Shao Feng

Water, the cradle of everything, and the breeding ground of culture. Yangzhou was born near water. In the past,guiding by water, many literati and poets visited and gathered here. Also, this was a place loved by wits and beauties. In the book “A Dream of Red Mansions”, when Lin Dai-Yu is missing her hometown, the verses“Spring flower and autumn moon, green hills and clear water; twenty-four bridges, relics of the Six Dynasties”will come to her mind; this verses had raised so many people’s imagination about twenty-four bridges. In 2016, Zhongshuge was attracted by this beautiful and ethereality place, and hoped to enrich the beauty of Yangzhou with its own charm! (more…)