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‘Muros’chair’ by Domohomo Architects (ES)

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'Muros’chair' by Domohomo Architects, photo: Ramón Vaamonde

‘Muros’chair’ by Domohomo Architects, photo: Ramón Vaamonde

Assembled from nine pieces of wood, ‘Muros’chair’ by Spanish architects Domohomo is the product of a body of work centred around restoration, “where the majority of the elements are made with chestnut; structure, boardwalks, carpentries, coatings, etc.” say the architects.



'Jablka Adama' store by Mode:lina Architekci, photo: Marcin Ratajczak

‘Jablka Adama’ store by mode:lina architekci, photo: Marcin Ratajczak

Mode:lina architekci’s interior design for Jabłka Adama, a computer store in Poznań, Poland, was inspired by the store’s name (Adam’s Apples in english) which led to a theme of apples, crates and fruit stand.