The Very Many Varieties of Beer poster, design: Ben Gibson, Patrick Mulligan (Pop Chart Lab)

Detailed statistics, rankings, facts and figures can all prove difficult to decipher when presented in a format of good old spreadsheet, not to mention the uninspiring appearance of an endless tabulation bursting with untold letters and digits. And while they might be crucial when it comes to totalling up a budget or expenses, it is not much fun to spend hours examining uniform, grid charts when reading a magazine or newspaper. Now, to celebrate the richness, diversity, complexity and sometimes, utmost simplicity, Taschen has released a book which explores the multiplicity of infographics. Here, we share some of the intriguing and undoubtedly engaging extracts from ‘Information Graphics‘, which we have come across earlier today during our diurnal lecture of the Guardian. (more…)

'Reclining chair' by Robin Day reissued by twentytwentyone

Designed year after the breakthrough, 1951 Armchair for the Royal Festival Hall commissioned

on the occasion of the Festival of Britain, this modernist ‘Reclining chair’ by the acclaimed, late British designer Robin Day has been reissued by a London-based brand specialising in classic 20th and 21st century furniture, twentytwentyone. With its effortless, pared-down appearance and distinct, steel-rod legs, ‘Reclining chair’ is, along with the now-ubiquitous 1963 stacking ‘Polypropylene chair‘, one of Day’s most iconic designs.


House in Abiko by fuse-atelier; photo courtesy of the architects

The stark, concrete interiors of this three-storey detached house fold and overlap creating a dramatic effect reminiscent of a three-dimensional greyscale cubist painting backlit by narrow streaks of sharp white light. Developed to echo a ‘gallery-like’, bare environment where the house’s inhabitants are able to display their taste for modern and contemporary furniture, the house rests on a reinforced concrete structure and the 101-square-meters residence was completed by a Japanese architectural practice fuse-atelier in 2011. (more…)